our purpose

well-made sustainable basics.

carefully considered for a better life.

What is a better life?

A better life is a healthier planet.
A better life is not worrying what to buy or how long it will last.
A better life is looking good without trying, every damn time.
And it starts with the clothes you wear.
Proof Collective is your perfect wardrobe.
Carefully considered and ethically sourced basics,
Designed for you, to not fall apart or break the bank.

A better life is coming.
Together we are Proof.

Sustainability in fashion.

Here’s the thing
Sustainability is a term thrown around all too often today. For us, it’s an ongoing effort. It extends beyond the materials we use and into the facilities we partner with, the longevity of our products and the way we run our operation.

At Proof we make the best products for the best people, and strive for the best outcomes. Our goal is to be your one stop shop for well-made, affordable pieces that look good, fit well and are as ethically and sustainably sourced as possible.

Always getting better.

A work in progress

As our company grows, so does our ability to bring more sustainable options to our products. Our hope is to one day change the way our industry thinks about the products it creates.

That said, we understand that everything can’t be done overnight. That is why as we design new pieces, we look at the options that currently exist and see how we can continue to push the sustainability standard within the industry.

Pre-ordering our releases.

Why pre-order?

There are upsides and downsides to being a small company like we are. One of the upsides is getting to really control the quality of our products and who we partner with to make them. While a major downside is the capital and overhead costs for inventory. Pre-ordering is our way of keeping quality and sustainability a primary focus during these growing stages.

Since our pieces are designed with timelessness in mind, it is rare that they will ever be offered at a discounted price. However, we know it’s not fun to wait for your order to arrive, so our pre-order discount is our way of saying thanks.