How do we make our favorite pieces better? Performance. Price. Style. Quality.

Performance Innovation for Everyday Wear

We source new and innovative technologies that give our essentials added benefits without making them feel stiff or over processed, whether it’s stain repellent denim, washable cashmere, or water proof wool.

Our launch product - the jean jacket - is treated with Bluesign© approved technology to be water and stain repellent and anti-microbial.

Water Repellent

Discover the new definition of all-weather clothing. Our denim jackets are intelligently treated so that water simply rolls off on contact. It will hold up in moderate rainfall and dries quicker than a normal jacket.


Engineered and infused with some of the most advanced fiber technologies in the world to ward off bacteria and odors. Our antimicrobial finish inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria and is backed by countless hours of research.

Stain Repellent

Designed to be resistant to most stains as heavy as oil and wine for the life of the garment. Chasing with water will cause heavier oil based substances or colored liquids to repel off. If something dries on the surface of the fabric, the jacket is not stained; the substance likely has not breached the finish and will come off in the wash.

​Bluesign© Approved

The Bluesign© system audits the ecotoxicological impact of manufacturing processes from raw materials and energy inputs to water and air emission outputs. The technology we use on our jackets is Bluesign© approved meaning that it is certified to be environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Price Ask more, for Less

We offer products of exceptional quality and enhanced functionality for lower prices.

​The products being sold by our wholesale competitors (that rival our level of quality) often retail for double or triple the price. At Proof, we cut out the retail markups by selling directly to you.

Style Classics Reimagined

Your wardrobe should make it easy to express your identity, not restrict it.

Our design philosophy is simple - make clothes to be worn effortlessly without complicating their silhouettes.  Drop a shoulder, crop a hem - but don’t jeopardize the practicality of the garment.

Easy.  Effortless.  Updated.

Quality Made to Last

Every piece is manufactured in Los Angeles. We visit our factories and see our products being made. Our standards are high and the facilities we partner with always exceed expectation.

We want the clothes we make to stay in your closet forever, not just for a season, not just for a year.

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Our Story

We met in the Summer of 2016, on a fifteen minute coffee break that turned into a three hour conversation about aspirations and pitfalls and doing something more engaging and more fulfilling day in and day out.

We realized that there were a number of opportunities to serve the customers who surrounded us and connect with those who inspire us by making and selling better clothes – so we leveraged our knowledge of the industry and set out to create something that we could believe in.

Proof Collective is the new age essential.  It works while you wear it, without compromising style, while maintaining quality and cutting out extra markups.

Together we are Proof.